Cancer Risk Assessment Test by

Get An Idea of What Your Cancer Risk Is

After reading my article, 10 Ways to Prevent Cancer, you should have some fresh ideas on how to lower your risk. But you may be wondering what your currest risk is. That's why I created this little test, to give you some idea. Keep in mind that this test is no substitute for expert medical advice. You should see your doctor for that. ;)

Just answer the questions below. When you've answered all the questions, press submit and the test will come up with a result for your cancer risk. Good luck!

1. Was a parent or sibling diagnosed with cancer? No
Yes, under age 40
Yes, under age 50
Yes, under age 60
Yes, above age 60
2a. How much do you smoke? I don't smoke
1 pack per week
1 pack per day
More than 1 pack per day
2b. If you smoke, how long have you smoked for? If you quit, how long did you smoke for before you quit? I never smoked
One year or less
One to five years
Five to fifteen years
More than fifteen years
3. How many sunburns did you have as a kid? None
A few
More than a few
Too many to count
4. What is your weight situation? Underweight
Normal range
5. How many servings of fruit, veggies, or whole grains do you average per day? Zero
Five or more
6. How often do you exercise in an average week? I don't exercise
Once or twice
Three or four times
Five or more times
7. Do you go to sleep and wake up at about the same time every day? Yes
8. How many drinks of alcohol do you average in a week? Zero
One or Two
Three to five
Six to ten
More than ten
9. How often do you wear sunscreen when the sun is bright? Never
Most or all of the time
10. Do you talk to your doctor about cancer risks or go for cancer screenings? Yes
11. Do you work near fumes from gasoline or industrial-strength cleaners or chemicals, in a plastics or computer chip factory, incinerator or fuel-burning power plant, or similar work environment? Yes
12. When you sleep, does the room remain very dark? Yes
13. How much junk food, chips, cakes, candies, and desserts do you eat? Hardly any
Not too much
More than I should
Way more than I should
14. Do you try to be organic, environmentally-friendly, and all-natural in your home as much as possible? Yes
15. What is your age? Under 20
20 to 29
30 to 39
40 to 49
50 to 59
60 to 69
70 or above
Click the button to get your results.